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In our day and age, many women are considering their options with breast enlargement surgery. Although this procedure is becoming a popular trend in woman with smaller than average breasts, there are also other methods to consider when it comes to breast enhancement.



Just like there are penis enlargement devices out in the market, there is also a counterpart for women that focuses on increasing the breast size. The machine is a pump mechanism and is medically safe to use. It consists of two domes that cover each breast and acts like a pump. It could be either manual or electronic, depending on the type of breast enlargement device that you purchase. This machine provides a gentle vacuum pressure on the breast tissues, which results in the growth of the cup size after some time


After a 15 minute pumping routine my breasts are fuller and more shapely. over pumping can cause discomfort. as many other reviews say, this particular version is pretty cheap and short on nicer features like airlocks. i recommend this as a cheap option for the novice and entry level breast pumper to help determine if investing in a higher end product is worth it for you. the pump does not provide as much suction as you might expect, but still enough for a beginner to get a good feel for how breast pumping works and feels.

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